Terms & Conditions icytundra TV

Icy Tundra TV welcomes all visitors and subscribers.

  • Icytundra TV welcomes all you tube submissions or similar video submissions.
  • The prices are displayed when subscribers click submit button menu on the top of home page.
  • The glad news is icytundra group will have 6 video channels.
  • Advertising  video should be similar to you tube videos.
  • For safety and privacy we recommend to keep video files in your web site. Just provide link to us. Icytundra tv will display for a period of  your subscription.
  • Icytundra will also display your you tube video  just from their links. But you tube ads will also display at the bottom of your video.


Restrictions :

  • Abusive, Porn, erotic videos are strictly restricted and not allowed to publish.
  • Videos discrimination to any person, community, country is also restricted.
  • Icytundra.tv has right to remove any videos without any intimation to advertiser when our team consider inappropriate to the site.


  • Advertisers may select their most preference where they like to advertise.
  • All TV websites will be linked to Cyber Shopping Mall  so that anybody can access entire global connection from the cyber mall.



The waves of the sea never surrender.

Let us start with the waves of happiness.


IcyTundra team