Weddings: Jewelry Options – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

The first is a choker. This is a triple pearl strand choker with beading at the center. It is perfect for strapless gown. Really sets if off and gives you a regal look.

This is a Cleopatra style rhinestone double strand choker. Can also be done as a triple strand. Gives the dress an air of evening glamor. Lots of sparkle, and really completes any strapless gown.

This choker, can be worn either in your head or around your neck. Also gives an air of glamor, lots of bling, perfect for the evening. Little much for the day but perfect for evening glamor. Really makes you feel like the Bride. Really photographs well.

You have seen a collection of jewelery to complete your bridal look. Remember, with a less beaded cleaner gown you can go big on the jewelery. With a very heavily embroidered gown you want to go lighter on the jewelery. Think about the total package.


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