Libya: Military plane shot down over Benghazi

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A military plane was shot Saturday morning on top of Benghazi, a stronghold of the rebellion in eastern Libya, and crashed, found the AFP journalists. The military plane that flew over the city for a few minutes fell into a spin on a residential area where it crashed, causing an explosion followed by a very black smoke

Saturday, March 19, 20h

A “twenty aircraft” French were engaged in the operation on the territory of Libya by the staff of the armed forces had also said that French was the first shooting occurred at 17:45. The target was a vehicle forces Gaddafi. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was to sail on Sunday for Libya.

Channel Al-Jazeera announced later in the evening than 4 tanks were destroyed by Libyan French aviation.

Voices began to speak out against armed intervention. Russia expressed regret and wished always preferred a diplomatic solution. For Moscow, it was necessary to “quickly stop the bloodshed and the Libyans begin the dialogue.” Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president denounced the operations “irresponsible” which he said has only one goal: to seize Libyan oil.


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