Black Beauty in Venezuela

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Estimation of 5 million venezelans. Many Afro venezulans live in barlovento located in the Miranda state. While other African Decendents live throughout the country. Africans were takes to Venezuela between the 17th and 19th century to work on plantations.
Preseident Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has African heritage. here is a quote expressing his love for his ancestry.
“When we were children, we were told that we have a motherland, and that motherland was Spain. However, we have discovered later, in our lives, that as a matter of fact, we have several motherlands. And one of the greatest motherlands of all is no doubt, Africa. We love Africa. And every day we are much more aware of the roots we have in Africa… Racism is very characteristic of imperialism. Racism is very characteristic of capitalism. Katrina is—indeed, has a lot to do with racism–no doubt about it. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it’s African.”

Muisc Featured in this Video is Llorras by Afro Venezulan singer Oscar De Leon.

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