A slightly edited re-upload of the video I uploaded on my previous channel DukeOfDurham3.

In this age of Ethnomasochism, Cultural Marxism and Degeneracy, the idea of loving your race and taking pride in your heritage is considered evil and backwards by this disposable society. Those Europeans that are free from self-hatred and feel a sense of loyalty to their folk are branded as “Nazis”, “Haters”, Supremacists” and “Racists” by Leftists, Liberals, Marxists, Trotskyites and various other groups that have a general Anti-White mentality. These people claim to preach love, peace and tolerance but in reality they spread the opposite. They truly are the enemies of freedom.

I do not hate anyone, I do not wish harm on anyone, I do not wish to rule over anyone. I merely love my own people and wish to secure a future for them to prosper in my homeland.

There is no hate in me. There is only love. A love for my folk and the generations of my people yet unborn. People may call us names for taking pride in who we are, but the future belongs to us, NOT THEM!

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