When your baby’s chubby little baby hands latches on to your finger so hard, like they’re saying “I love you”, you know they’re counting on you! This is why moms everywhere try their best when taking care of baby.

The emotional connection between mother and baby is a special thing and when your baby is smiling, you’re smiling. That’s why AVEENO® Baby Daily Moisture Lotion’s ACTIVE NATURAL®’s oat formula is fragrance free and designed especially for sensitive baby skin. So this way moms can worry less about the baby products they’re using and focus more on saying “I love you” back.

AVEENO® Baby Moisturizing Lotion is pediatrician recommended for baby’s sensitive skin. Learn more about AVEENO’S® line of baby care products on the AVEENO® website: http://www.aveeno.com/category/our+products/baby-skin-care.do

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