Amethyst is a stone having beautiful purple colouring in it.It is the group of Quartz.Amethyst
is found in the mines of BRAZIL,ZAMBIA,INDIA etc. It is being manufactured in different shapes & sizes Gemstone beads like Faceted roundelle,Smooth roundelle,Smooth Heishi Gemstone Beads,Smooth Amethyst Beads in different qualities according to its colour,clarity & size. which is a part of Jindal Gems,is based in jaipur where Amethyst Gemstone beads are manufactured & supplied all over the world.Jindal Gems is the leading manufacturer,exporter & importer of All kinds of Gemstone Beads including Precious Gemstone Beads(Emerald Beads,Sapphire Beads,Ruby Beads) & Semi Precious Gemstone Beads.

Jindal Gems directly sources all kind of Gemstones directly from the mines of BRAZIL,MOZAMBIQUE,MADAGASCAR,TANZANIA,ZAMBIA,ZAIRE,NIGERIA,CHINA,THAILAND,MYANMAR,TURKEY.The Gemstones are being directly imported from these mines and are manufactured at the Jindal Gems premises in to Gemstone Beads & Cut Stones,thats why Jindal Gems is self sufficient for custom orders purposes at the most reasonable prices due to big stock of raw materials sourced around the world & inhouse best skilled labours with them.

Jindal Gems provides best customer satisfaction due to its 24*7 service thus having good relationships with the customers.At Jindal Gems customers feel as if they are handpicking the goods as all descriptions are bieng provided about the product with clear photo of the Gemstone Beads & Cut stones.

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